Join The Ashfield Fire Department

Dedicated Service Through Teamwork, Innovation and Community Involvement.

The Ashfield Fire Department is currently (and always) seeking area residents to join our team.

It takes a large and diverse group to maintain the level of public safety and community involvement that Ashfield, it's residents and it's visitors deserve. We strive to work with modern technologies and always be better by being open to innovation and change, and to adapt in this quickly changing fire service world. Our personnel work so well together because we are friends and family. This environment encourages safe operations and teamwork, by knowing and knowing well, who we are working with and who has our backs in times of emergency.

To get more information about joining, please visit our Contact Information page to send us a message or give us a call... OR come in person to the fire station to speak with the Chief (appointment recommended). Our trainings, drills, and meetings begin at 6:30pm every Wednesday.

Here are a few facts about our existing personnel to show that you too could be a part of our team:

- Currently, our department is made up of 6 women and 15 men.

- Our personnel range in age from 14 to 71 years old.

- We have people of many different work and education backgrounds. Farm workers, metal workers, truck drivers, highway/DPW workers, public safety dispatchers, police officers, construction workers, store managers, computer & network specialists, landscapers, lifeguards, college and high school students, retirees, public safety officers, and social workers.

- Although most of our personnel live in Ashfield, we have some that live in Buckland, Goshen and in Conway.

Here are some of the ways that you could be involved:

- You could train with us to become a Firefighter.

- 14 - 17 years old can train with us as a Junior Firefighter until they reach 18.

- You could become a Medical First Responder and respond to assist with medical related calls.

- You could learn and train with us to be a station and scene support member. Learn our communications, paperwork and how to assist our firefighters.

- Learn about our department's administration and assist with documentation, paperwork and grants.

Here are some points you should consider if you are interested in joining:

- Firefighters, First Responders and Support Personnel must reside either in Ashfield or in an immediately adjoining town.

- Firefighters must possess or be able to obtain a Massachusetts drivers license.

- Firefighters must be older than 18 and younger than 70 years old.

- Junior Firefighters must be older than 14 and younger than 18 years old, and have parents/guardians written permission.

- There are mandatory trainings and classes that all department personnel will need to complete upon hiring.

- Firefighters and Medical First Responders will need to complete and pass an independent medical physical exam. This is paid for by the department.

- We meet for trainings, drills or meetings every Wednesday evening. The first Wednesday of the month the Fire Officers (our command and administration) meets at 6:30pm, and our regular business and association meeting begins at 7:30pm. All subsequent Wednesdays of the month, training or drill begins at 6:30pm.

- Firefighters and medical responders must live in Ashfield or a town immediately bordering Ashfield. There is no residency requirment for Junior and support members but they should be able to reach our town in approx. 30 mins from home or work.