Ashfield Firefighter’s Association

Established in the 1950's, The Ashfield Firefighter's Association (AFA) was designed to create a support organization for the firefighter's and the fire department itself. Over the past 7 decades, the AFA has had hundreds of members. These members have been firefighter's, EMT's, family of members and community members. Since its conception, the role of the AFA has changed slightly and for the better. It has become an organization that not only supports its firefighters and fire department, but also the community as a whole. Through fundraising efforts, the AFA has raised tens of thousands of dollars and donated much of it back. The AFA purchases many pieces of equipment used for firefighting operations and the safety of the personnel that put their lives on the line to protect our community. Much of this equipment when purchased, is donated to the fire department to put in use and maintain. In addition, many community groups, events and associations rely on the AFA to assist financially and in kind with equipment and supply donations. The AFA has paid for the high cost of insurance for all the Ashfield Baseball teams for many years to ensure playing is still affordable for families. The AFA also contributes with both monetary donations, supplies, equipment, and personnel to assist the Snowmobile Club with their children's Christmas party each year. The AFA owns and maintains equipment of its own that is made available to the community to use, such as 8ft rectangular banquet tables, chairs, and some food service and catering equipment. These are just a few things that the AFA is proud of.

The AFA is a private, non-municipal, association that is made up your friends, family, and community members. Any donation to the association, both through fundraising, or unsolicited contributions, will be used for the good of this community.

AFA is a Not for Profit, Tax exempt IRC S. 501 (c)(3) private organization under IRC S. 509(a).

To learn more about the AFA, please contact any AFA member or write to:


Ashfield Firefighter's Association, P.O. Box 355, Ashfield, MA 01330

Ashfield Fire Department T-Shirts - Association Fundraiser

To purchase your Ashfield Fire Department Supporter t-shirt, please contact any Ashfield Firefighter or Ashfield Firefighter's Association member.

We can make arrangements for you to be able to pick up your shirts from any member or at the fire station.

Payment options: We can accept cash or check as well as credit and debit cards, Cash App and other contactless options. Please make checks payable to "Ashfield Firefighter's Association".