Permits & Inspections Requests

All payments are due immediately upon inspection or issuance of permit. All checks are to be payable to “Town of Ashfield”, cash accepted also. No receipt, other than the permit itself will be issued.

Important note: No inspection will be done if the building/home is not properly labeled with the correct street number previously assigned by the fire department. If numbers on the building/home are not visible from the road, there must be a number obviously displayed on a mailbox, sign, or tree at the road.

For more info on permits and inspections in Ashfield, MA please contact us directly. There are some difference in processes between towns. 

Essential information about Smoke & CO inspections for single family, and multi family homes and apartment buildings:

Preparing your home for a smoke & CO alarm inspection

Consumer guide to smoke detectors when selling home / downloadable

You may also find this link helpful:

Include street number, street name and town.
Minimum 1 week notice requested. 48 hours required.

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Please provide the year the house/building was constructed, as well as the year of the most recent building permit and what it was obtained for. Include closing date for sale of building.

Please review what you entered before you click the Submit button, and click it ONLY ONCE.